Who we are

Muziekuitgeverij Partitura is a small publishing firm, established in the eighties by Joop C.G. Fransen, director and conductor. Its aim is to make valuable works from the light-opera and operetta repertoire available for practical use, orchestral score included.

Texts and scores are in their original versions; we do not deal in arrangements. Most orchestral parts are in the now-usual notations, i.e. French horns in F, clarinets in A and B flat, etc.

Our materials have been used by dignified companies like the Dutch National Opera, the Hoofdstad Operetta, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Holland Symfonia and many others in the Netherlands and abroad. Many conductors and musicians made us compliments on the materials we supplied.

If you wish we will send you sample copies of some pages of our music material on approval. Ask for it on our contact page.

We pride ourselves on our prompt deliveries. Three weeks waiting is the absolute maximum.